Fall Changes Things

Is it me or is it hard to believe it is already November?  Thanksgiving is right around the corner and I heard “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” in Target.  What?!  You know what this means, don’t you?  Another year has flown by and we still act like we’re shocked by the date.

This got me thinking…cause that’s what I do.  Each year life changes drastically.  If we put ten of those years together, we are a light age beyond where we were back in the 90’s.  Technology has changed, TV shows have changed, music and cultural things are different…

My body has certainly changed!  But, in the last year, has my heart changed?  Am I being transformed or am I holding on to the same mind, the same attitudes as last year?

When leaves change color it is because they are dying.  As they die, the green pigment fades (which is needed for growth and nourishment) and their true colors are revealed.  As all the changes from the years catch up with me, my true colors are revealed as well.  What kind of person am I?

When someone causes an accident that totals my Mini, can I forgive?  Yes.  Ten years ago that would have been hard.  When a co-worker hurts my feelings or offers a constant assault of difficult situations, can I manage my heart through it?  Yes.  Eight years ago that would have been too hard.  If a close friend wounds me in deep places, can I love anyway?  Yes.  Three years ago that would have been too hard.

So maybe this season of dying and true colors teaches us that Spring always comes and, if we let it do its thing, we will  be enabled to make room for more growth.