The Art of Breathing

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Once upon a time God created man and woman from the dust of the earth and breathed into their nostrils the breath of life, and they became living beings.  After a few years on this planet, really living seems a bit idealistic.  We are more likely to settle for making a living.  Most of us simply want the checkbook to balance at the end of the month and the car to survive until the next Christmas bonus.  Life on this side of Eden is not what we hoped for.  It is not what we were made for.  Something is missing.  As we abide in Christ, we offer Him our hearts.  God, in turn, offers His heart.  We point to Him.  He points to us.  We give Him our hurts.  He heals and restores us to wholeness.  We go back and forth, again and again.  We breathe out ourselves and inhale His presence, a fluid motion of abiding. This is the abundant life.  This is the Art of Breathing.

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