About Gina Roes

Gina Roes

Gina is an energetic and engaging speaker who knows how to translate God’s grace and truth into everyday life.  Having experienced large doses of transforming grace, her zeal for Jesus Christ shines through her message as she seeks to teach and equip others to find the hope for which they were made.

For Gina, relationships are central.  Her desire as a speaker is to inspire, empower and strengthen you in a deeper, more intimate relationship with God, wherever you may be on your journey.  Her relaxed presence and humorous style set the stage for an honest exploration of difficult topics that often keep us from experiencing the deep connection with God we crave.

Gina is a professional counselor, writer, speaker, and is ordained as a Vocational Deacon in the Anglican Church in North America.  She has led workshops and retreats for churches and schools all along the East Coast.  In addition, Gina has been invited to speak on numerous occasions at national counseling conferences with the American Association of Christian Counselors, Counselworks, and Rwanda Missions.  She offers practical insights and helpful applications that are grounded in God’s Word.

Gina is a highly qualified mental health counselor and speaker. She cares for her clients with the utmost confidentiality and expertise. Her authorship and public speaking challenge individuals to grow and find their true selves. I have known Gina to go above and beyond in the best interest of her clients and the institution as a whole.

Melissa Shimirak

Gina is a wonderful retreat and workshop speaker. Very knowledgeable, Christ-centered, and captures her audience from beginning to end. Gina has helped us with Pastors’ wives’ retreats and conferences for Lutheran educators on child development and handling child anger issues. Her mixture of humor, information, and connection to scripture is phenomenal.

Caren Vogt

Gina Roes understands the pain of hurting and traumatized people.  More importantly, she knows how to help them.  Having heard Gina speak, I know that she offers practical healing strategies and genuine hope for change.  I also know Gina to be a woman who seeks the heart of God, loves the Scriptures, and ministers with Christ-like compassion.

Sandra D. Wilson, Ph.D.  Seminary professor, retired psychotherapist, and author of Released from Shame and Into Abba’s Arms