You’re Saving Me

The following is a song I wrote many years ago. I was going through a dark time and could not figure out how to find God.

It is dark.

Evil surrounds a weary soul.

Don’t understand why

You don’t intervene

and take control.

Your tear-stained eyes

I do not see.

I’m blinded by the fear inside of me.

Your loving wings are surrounding me

But I can’t see that You’re saving me.

A tiny seed falls to the ground.

It starts to grow without a sound.

And that seed dies before it pushes through.

But underneath it all, it’s growing roots.

And I can’t see that You’re saving me.

I do not trust

What I cannot see

Until the evidence of You

Manifests itself in me.

So here’s my heart

A broken offering

And here’s my shame

And the fear of all that could be.

I will declare that I am Yours

Please save me!

So may I grow to touch the sky

I’ll persevere through these trials and I

Will come to be what You’ve made in me

And I will see

That You’re saving me.