Why I Do What I Do…

This is a picture of my office.  I work a lot of hours in this room.  To be honest, sometimes it is really hard work.  I often feel the weight of people’s marriages, their difficult pasts, and their present chaos.  I am usually very tired after my 9-hour day.  I sleep hard and try to play hard on the weekends to keep the balance.

But sometimes, more often than not, I get to see small miracles in this room.  I’ve seen husbands finally find their courage to step up to loving their wives well.  I’ve seen women finally grieve the loss of their childhood innocence.  I’ve had the honor of being the first to hear the trauma stories and the first to see how God has healed them.  

While the business of counseling is often very frustrating and tedious (case-notes, case-loads, reports) the relationships of counseling, the opening up and healing of souls, is worth every minute.  I don’t heal people, but I get to see how it happens and what it looks like.  Everyday, in this office, God’s Kingdom is advanced a little more.  Counseling is a tool that, when used by the Healer, becomes a powerful instrument of redemption.

I may not do counseling forever, but I will forever honor and love the people who have honored me and allowed me to walk with them.  I hope I have many more months and years of doing this, working with people who need God in the vulnerable places of their hearts.  I love to see God bind broken hearts and set captives free.