Full Hands

So last Saturday I got to hang out with these two.  The good news is…I get to do it again this Saturday!  These precious tiny people belong to my friends Nicky and Tim Long.  Rebecca and Tyler were born in early November a bit too early and are finally home, after a surgery each, and doing well.  I definitely had my hands full.  It was awesome!

I mean, look how little they are!  LOVE the feet!  LOVE the tiny hands!  I was wondering if Mom and Dad would miss one if I tucked her in my coat when I left.  Then I heard about their hospital bills and thought it would be best for them to stay under their parents’ insurance.

It’s hard to feel that kind of dependence.  To be God’s children looks like this picture.  Even in our adult capacity, we need God to be the “lifter of our head” since we can’t lift them ourselves.  They look to their mom as their source of food.  We look to our God as our source for life.  And looking at these tiny faces, I kept thinking, “They are PERFECT!  Well, except for the Fall.”  I think our Father looks at us the same way.  In His eyes, we are exactly what He wanted…except for the Fall.  So He took care of that and asks to take care of us.  And with all the things I need in my life, on a daily basis, He’s got His hands full!