Looking for the Rainbow

Christmas was not exactly what I was hoping for.  I’m not sure if because half my family was in Kenya this year while the rest of us tried to have fun or if it was just an off year.  All I know is that it was difficult.  Sometimes when storms hit families the impact is unsettling.  My family went through a bit of a storm this Christmas.  Nothing serious.  Just difficult.

So when the storm hits we hope for a rainbow.

When God sent the rainbow for Noah it was a promise of hope.  God was letting Noah know that He was going to bring life from the destruction and a future to Noah’s family.  The past would no longer determine the future.  All the things that had shaped Noah’s present situation would no longer determine or forge what was to come.  All things were new.  I am looking for the rainbow.

I realize that I am speaking a bit in code, but here’s what I’m trying to say: without rainbows the storms are just destructive.  Without a hope for the future life is just too hard.  And so…God sends rainbows.  He promises to work all things together for my good because I love Him and am called according to His purposes.  He promises that I have a future.  He promises to never leave or betray me.  When the storms hit, I REALLY need those rainbows and He generously offers them again and again.

Do you need a rainbow?  Don’t stop looking until you find at least one.  God may speak through a friend, a song, or a poster at the DMV.  He’ll stop at nothing to reach us if we will simply seek Him.

I am praying for a 2010 with abundant rainbows.  But I also realize that rainbows come only after a storm.  May God give us deep roots to withstand those storms so we can relish in His rainbow promises.