It’s Always Something!

I find it interesting that over time the force of water flowing can change the landscape completely.  Linville Falls in North Carolina is a beautiful example.  Water rushing down into the gorge has caused a stunning waterfall.  The picture to the right was taken from the top.  Water has shaped the rocks and created it own path though what was, thousands of years ago, a solid mass of hard stone.  Little by little, over years and years, the water has won.

I have situations in my life that act as rushing water over my stony, hard, fleshly thinking.  I was reminded of this yesterday.  I had a great day at work (very busy but that’s normal) and then coffee with a dear friend.  It seemed perfect.  I pulled into my driveway, opened the mailbox, and there was yet another letter from the New York State Department of Taxation.  Now they have issued some sort of warrant to collect a smaller amount of money, stating that I still owe from 2004, 2005, and 2006.  We have already resolved this four times.  Apparently, one department has never spoken to the other.  Ever.  I’m not sure they even know each other.  The funny thing is, I only lived in New York for two months in 2006.  It’s always something.

My first thought was not good.  I panicked and called my friend who did my books for me during that time.  I chewed her out.  I told her that this is the last thing I need; I’m trying to buy a car; I have to leave for Charlotte after work tomorrow (today); This was supposed to be over three years ago….

I felt overwhelmed.

I’m sure rocks feel like the rushing water is the enemy.  It never relents.  It’s always pushing and shaping and cutting away.  Day after day.  And over time, this water transforms the rocks into a different appearance.  The rocks become smooth.

These challenges in my life definitely feel like the enemy to my heart, always stirring my anxiety and fear.  But I think, in the middle of it all, God is shaping me.  He is, I hope, making me more smooth.

This is Thanksgiving week.  So many people are posting how thankful they are for their children, their spouses, their stuff.  I am definitely thankful for the people God has placed in my life.  I have some of the best friends in the world.  And while I’m not quite there (almost), I am learning to be thankful for the rushing water in my life.  I am learning that it is always something, but it is not for nothing.