Nothing is a Lot!

Recently a friend told me that he has tithed for years and God has blessed him with an abundance of “stuff.”  Another friend told me that she was blessed to be a wife and mother and was trying to figure out why she “deserved” such goodness in her life.  It got me thinking.

I am 41 years old (don’t tell anyone).  I tithe, do full-time ministry, and practice many Spiritual disciplines.  I have no house, no husband, no children, no car (at the moment).  I have nothing that makes others feel God’s love for them.  Hmmm…..

So I got to thinking even more.  I guess the biggest surprise for me is that I am content.  I’m not hurt or angry because I don’t have any of these things.  A friend reminded me that I have the greatest dog ever and I do own an iPhone.  I just don’t have what everyone in our culture seems to perceive as markers of maturity.  I don’t have any “stuff.”

In Luke 11:11-13, Jesus tells a story about a child asking his father for fish.  Will the father give him a snake?  If he needs an egg, will his father give him a scorpion?  No.  So if a father knows how to give good things to his children, how much more will God the Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask.  But what if I ask for a fish?  Will God give me the Holy Spirit?  Yes.

When God gives Himself, everything else is included.  When I need wisdom, He shows up to BE my wisdom, not just give it to me.  When I need peace, He IS my peace.  He IS my hope, my joy, my patience, my love, my kindness, my self-control.  I don’t have fish or eggs, but I do have the Holy Spirit and He is enough for me.

I think the loss of my Mini has taught me that in a bigger way.  My car was the only thing I owned.  Now I’m in between vehicles and so my asset list is reduced to a dog and an iPhone.  I want a car, and a house, and a husband, and children.  But if I never have any of that, I have Jesus forever and ever and ever.  I can seriously live with that.  I am content.  I guess I needed to get to a place where I have nothing to realize that nothing is a lot.