The Wounded Vine

I was reflecting on Jesus our Vine (from John 15).  When I truly think about what He was implying, it overwhelms my heart.  Jesus is not asking to be a higher priority in our lives.  Jesus is asking to be the Source of our lives.

In the book Abiding in Christ, Andrew Murray points out that in order for a branch to be engrafted into a vine, the vine must be wounded.  The outside of the vine is literally ripped open so the sap within begins to run out.  The branch is then placed flush with the vine and is held there until the two are healed together, forming an unbreakable bond.  

Jesus is the Vine.  We are the branches.  Jesus was wounded so that we could bring our pain, our disconnection to His wounds and stay there, abide with Him, until we are healed together with Him in intimate oneness.  By His wounds we are truly healed.

I think our problem is that we don’t remain.  We don’t abide because the pain from our wounds make us restless and unable to sit still.  Our temptation is to relieve the pain by helping others, or staying busy, or escaping our reality.  Jesus is asking us to abide.  Stay with Him until the wounds heal with His.  Allow Him to offer His torn body as the cure for your broken heart.  Don’t run away but, instead, refuse to become another.  As we remain in Him, and heal in Him, His life-giving sap begins to flow through our once disconnected lives and His Fruit of the Spirit begins to flourish in what once produced only thorns.

Jesus is THE Vine.  Jesus is your Vine.  My prayer for you today is that you will be able to remain in Him long enough to experience the amazing healing of your Savior.  There is a wound on the Vine that fits whatever wound is in your heart.  By His wounds you are healed.

Thanks for reading!  God Bless:)