New Jersey Pastor’s Wives

I had the honor, and I mean honor, to speak to an amazing group of Pastor’s Wives in New Jersey this weekend.  Most of these women serve with their husbands in small congregations throughout the State.  Because most of these churches are small, a great number of these women work full-time jobs and raise a family, or take care of aging parents, while they do the full-time task of supporting their husbands in the important roles they play.  These women embody the strength that makes the “behind every great man” statement true. 

As a woman in full-time ministry, I understand the “fishbowl” lifestyle that comes with the job.  Often it feels like everyone can look in but nobody can reach in.  I loved, this weekend, to see these women reach out to each other and connect.  As we explored what it means to truly abide in Christ, these women were able to relax and focus, for some rare moments, on their own journeys rather than on how to lead others.  They could share their own prayer requests instead of requests for the needs of others.  I pray that, for them, it was a cool drink of water on a hot day.

New Jersey was beautiful.  The leaves were changing and there was an awesome crispness in the air.  After record highs in Savannah last week, it felt good to be cold.  It felt good, as we drove to the airport, to see the Empire State Building in the distance.  Sometimes I really miss NYC.  But then I remember what it’s like to have health insurance and a salary and I remember how much I like to VISIT NYC.  It is such an amazing city.

So if any of you reading this attended this last weekend…God speed on your abiding journey.  Blessings to you!!